Your Recovery Resource A Program for Navigating Your Loved One’s Eating Disorder

Everyone touched by an eating disorder needs help and guidance.

Helping a loved one navigate an eating disorder can be a challenging and frightening process.

In addition to navigating the health care system and helping your loved one get the recovery support they need, you might also find it difficult to find the time and resources to show up for yourself in a meaningful way.

My colleague, Becca Clegg, MS, and I have teamed up to create an online program for families and loved ones of people in eating disorder recovery. By providing accurate information, guidance, and resources– all in one place– we aim to help you feel less alone throughout the recovery process.

Get the support you need with ‘Your Recovery Resource’

You are not alone.

Your Recovery Resource is a self-paced, online program that we hope becomes the road map you need to support yourself and your loved one throughout this process.


+ resources and information to understand your loved one’s eating disorder

+ what is Diet Culture, and how does it affect the way we think about our bodies?

+ opportunities for self-reflection to examine your own relationship with food and body image

+ tools to find the help you need

Praise for Your Recovery Resource

This course is a fabulous resource that covers the depth and breadth of all that is needed to be supported and to give support throughout the recovery process. Grounded in cutting edge treatment approaches, it offers gentle assistance, clear guidance, and practical tools for every step of the way. I highly recommend it!

–Anita Johnston, Ph.D., CED-S

“Your Recovery Resource” is a sophisticated, inclusive, practical multimedia program designed to help loved ones navigate the diagnosis of an eating disorder. This interactive resource meaningfully improves on what is currently available for those who feel bewildered and fearful as they try to navigate a whole new world.”

–Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS-S, FAED